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In the past I worked as a High Fashion dressmaker for more then 35 yrs.
I became very interested, and fell in love with the Millinery business.
I studied technical and practical lessons of this and added my past skills + Design Creativity to my Millinery business.
   I have spent a year to perfect the Art of Millinery flowers.
For many years I have developed great relationship with my clients.
I look forward to every customer in my shop and working Blog.

Thank you all !!!
Luda Salvato

My master classes will give you a hand an excellent profession. You can create your business and sell your creations. You can cooperate with the wedding salons, or even take orders from your customers. You will be able to create beautiful flowers for themselves, and adorn their dresses. You can give them to friends, relatives and significant dates for a reason.
Creating a flower, you will not see how time flies - it is so beautiful and get real pleasure!

Why should you come to my master classes?

I'll give you my skills, knowledge and information which will give you extra income, and maybe a new profession

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In December 2011.  I open the master classes.

  Welcome to the training. MC will be held at my house, so as all the tools I have here. e master classes.Classes will be held once or twice a week for 4-5 hours. The cost of the first class $ 25 dollars on the first lesson .

Hurry up, so as the number of applicants is limited to 5 people in the group.

If you for some reason you change your mind you will get the money back.

The list of proposed activities:

The first lesson you will learn what you need for making flowers. I'll tell you where you can use your flowers where you can sell them.

The first lesson:

Making patterns
Preparing the wire
Stamens, and the core
Treatment of petals and leaves
Connect all parts of a flower

you create a beautiful flower.

!------------------------------------------------- -----------

The proposed master classes:

1.Butonerki, branches, wreaths, flower decorations and accessories.

2. Kupavki, violets, daisies, gerberas, asters, camellia.

3. Peony, dahlia, chrysanthemum, lily.

4. Rose boutonniere, open rose, rose made without tools, twisted rose. Rose of the three buds and lily of the valley.

5. Poppy, poppy stylized

6. Lotus

7 .  Twigs, branches of apple.

8. Wedding accessories, barrettes.

  Advanced :

Dyeing flowers, multi-dyeing.

Orchid and fancy flowers – dyeing.

Need to bring: scissors

Everything else is

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

There are individual lessons, please contact me.

My Skype : lyudmylas 29   .

Connection on Skype write your Email please. Appointed time will connect.

Join the blog and you will receive new free master classes.

Sincerely Luda Salvato

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